Our Notable Projects

Taif University - Hawiyah

Our involvement in the development of Taif University in Hawiyah underscores our dedication to providing premium materials for educational institutions, supporting the creation of inspiring learning environments.

Masarat Towers - Jeddah

Contributing to the cityscape of Jeddah, we are proud to have been part of the prestigious Masarat Towers project, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation in construction materials.

Holiday Inn Hotel - Jeddah

Enhancing the hospitality landscape, we have played a role in the construction of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Jeddah, delivering materials that contribute to the hotel’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Pearl Village - Jeddah

At Pearl Village in Jeddah, our commitment to excellence is evident in the materials supplied, adding value to this residential development and creating a harmonious living environment.

Al Haram Tower 1-2 - Mecca

We are honored to have been involved in the Al Haram Tower 1-2 project in Mecca, contributing materials to a development that holds significance in this revered city.

Al Saada Village 1-2 - Jeddah

Our contribution to the Al Saada Village 1-2 project in Jeddah reflects our dedication to providing top-quality construction materials.

Lulu Market - Jeddah

Supporting the retail sector, our involvement in the construction of Lulu Market in Jeddah showcases our commitment to delivering materials that meet the high standards required in commercial spaces.