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Supply of Premium Materials

We specialize in the supply of high-quality marble, ceramic, porcelain, decorations, and various building materials. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, we provide a diverse selection of top-notch products to meet every requirement.

Material Calculation

Our experienced team excels in precise material calculation services. We understand the importance of accurate measurements in project planning and execution. Trust us to deliver meticulous calculations tailored to your project specifications.

3D Designs

Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge 3D design services. Our skilled team utilizes advanced technology to bring your ideas to life visually. From conceptualizing spaces to planning layouts, our 3D designs enhance project visualization and planning

Custom Sinks and Marble Decorations

Explore our unique offerings in custom sinks and marble decorations. We provide a curated selection of sinks and decorative marble elements to add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your spaces.

About Us

Alshamekh Alarabiya Trading Company specializes in the trading and wholesale distribution of marble, ceramics, porcelain, sanitary ware, decorations, kitchens, building materials, and various other products. With showrooms and stores strategically located in Taif, Al-Hawiyah, and in Jeddah we are dedicated to providing convenient access to our diverse range of high-quality products. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is reflected in our expansive presence, ensuring that clients in multiple locations have easy access to our comprehensive selection of premium offerings for both trading and wholesale purposes.

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